Monday, March 10, 2008

It's A Bog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

The Guessing game is now over! Sorry you missed.
Welcome to the annual Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom. This is a female bloggers only party, sorry guys! LOL! This is my first year joining in on the fun, so welcome to my party pad! Visit 5 Minutes For Mom to find more bloggers that have joined the party.

As your host of this "party pad" let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I am a SAHM to three beautiful and creative children and wife to the love of my life, Steve! I am the designer of Lisa Michelle Design and I specialize in tooth fairy pillows and hair accessories for children. I love to create and surround myself with beautiful things. I enjoy sewing, quilting, decorating, gardening, singing, antiques and art.

Now for the fun stuff! You can't have a party without a game and a prize right? So here is what we are going to play, a guessing game! "How many jewel buttons are in the vase?" What you need to do is leave a comment and tell me how many antique jewel buttons you think are in the glass vase. You can click on the picture and get a closer view of the jar. I will choose the person with the right or closest answer. In the case that I have more than one person with the right or closest answer I will do a draw between those people for the prize. I will post a winner on Monday March 17th. When you leave a comment don't forget to leave me a way to contact you. If you don't have a link back to your blog please leave me your e-mail address or check back to see if you are a winner. If the winner does not have a way for me to contact them I will allow 3 days for the winner to contact me before I pick another winner.

Now for the prize! I am giving away a sweet tooth fairy pillow created by me. It has a small silver charm that you can use to personalize the pillow with a picture or an initial. The small organza pouch in the pocket is used to keep the tooth safe while it awaits the tooth fairy's visit. More tooth fairy pillows can be found at Lisa Michelle Design. If you live in a country that does not allow feathers please let me know when you comment and if you are the winner I can make you a pillow without feathers.
I will post a winner on March 17th. Good Luck!
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peggyann said...

Hi Lisa Michelle! I think there are 15 buttons.

come visit me at my party. I am serving up a 'meal' tonight, but scroll down for yesterdays post too.

I love your designs.....

Debz said...

I say 14.
Great post for a party! Just passing threw saying hi to a few people before I pack it in for the night.
Love your blog!

BrineS said...

Beautiful Pillow!

I'm inviting you to party with me!

Win some chocolate from my-sister-in-law and I...we blog about from Australia...and her from Michigan. Here's the link:

What am I doing in Australia? I married an Aussie...and moved to Brisbane, leaving my family and friends and all the right-side-of-the-road drivers in America.

Win a handmade pocket place mat from my blog Comfort Joy Designs. Here's the link:

Want to know more about life in Australia? Visit my A Cup of Joy site where I keep up with my family and friends in America. Here's the link:

Happy Partying!

Danielle, Ryan and Liam Waters said...

Your blog is adorable. I love your designs!! My guess is 19! I hope I am right.

My blog is

duchess said...

Hi. I'm guessing 17.

Nice to meet you - stop by for a visit soon.

love your stuff.

Sarah said...

How fun! Thanks for stopping by. I think perhaps about 18 buttons. I counted 13 from the front but it looks like there are some towards the back I can't see.

Erin said...

Thanks for stopping by my party to say hi. I absolutely 'heart' that pillow. How lovely : ) I'm going to guess that there are 22 buttons in the jar. Those are really pretty too.

Eleisia said...

What a fun party! My guess is 23 buttons. The antique buttons are beautiful. The tooth fairy pillow is a treasure!

Come on over to my party!

hazel said...

32! Looks can be deceiving! I love the pillow!
Try my giveaways, one every day of the party! Thanks!

Dimple Queen said...

Well, I think there are 30 origninal guess was 32, but I noticed there was another one that had that same guess...I agree with her that looks can be decieving! Besides there is another whole side to that jar that we can't see....hmmm...

Beautiful pillow!


Eleisia said...

Thanks for adding my Watkins Spring Giveaway to your party post! You are entered in the contest. I hope you win! Winner will be announced March 21st!

Michelle in Mx said...

25 jewels
jesusknowssign at hotmail dot com

Your name caught my attention. When I was in 5th grade my best friend was a Lisa Michelle from Coonrapids. So, how are you tackling this party? Hmmm? It's HUGE! I'll be scrolling around this place now . . . Nice meeting you - party on!

Storm said...

Beautiful pillow. My guess is 13.

Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!

Kirstin said...

Hi Lisa,

THank you for stopping by my blog. I'm going to say 16 buttons...

Anyways, nope I don't live in the Skagit Valley. But southwest washington, about 30 miles from Portland, Oregon.

We have a local bulb farm that has amazing tulips and their festival is in April.

Angi said...

45 buttons! Fun contest! I love the tooth fairy pillow too - very cute! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you're enjoying the party!

erin said...


Reluctant Housewife said...

Hi! Very pretty blog you have here.

I guess that there are 36 buttons. I might be too late to enter, though... Am I?

Happy blog party!

Shellie said...

I guess 24. Nice work!