Friday, March 21, 2008

All About Quilting

O.K. this may be a long one. First I wanted to show you the miniature quilt I made for a Fairy Quilt Swap. My dollhouse baby was trying it out before I sent if off to Pennsylvania, so I had to take pictures. LOL! I know all the beads are a choking hazard but I am almost positive she won't choke. LOL! I am still waiting for my fairy quilt to arrive in the mail, my swap partner sent it out yesterday so I am thinking I will get it the end of next week. The quilt I am waiting for won't be for a fairy but for my dollhouse baby, which I still need to name. Any suggestions? I am calling baby's doll Charlotte, because that is what she is a Frozen Charlotte doll. I know it's not very original, but I like it. :-)

Second, remember the Sampler Quilt class the president of my guild was teaching? Tada! Here are my first two blocks. I am almost done with the third block. I have to have it done by next Thursday, so I will post a picture of it next week. The first block is a nine patch block called Sawtooth Patchwork. The idea of the first block was to do a nine patch. We could do any nine patch we wanted so of course I choose the more "difficult" one I was told. It really was not hard and I rather liked the way it turned out. :-) The second block we did was the Flying Dutchman. I did mine so it looked like a pinwheel in the center. The third block.....well, I can't tell you! You will have to wait and see it next week. Hehehe!

Third, I am going to embark on another quilt journey. Yes that's right I am going to make a Dear Jane Quilt. I have been wanting to make one for years now and have decided that this is a great time. A friend and I had been discussing the idea of making one over at Quilting Friends and she told me about a blog called Dear Baby Jane. They are making 2 blocks a week and are in their third week. I joined, but will have catching up to do since they have already done 6 blocks. I can do 3 of the blocks without the book. I am waiting for the book so I can get caught up on the rest of the blocks. There are a total of 225 blocks in the quilt, so you can see why I would like to do it with an organized group. LOL! I am wanting to make two quilts. I will start off using fabrics of today that way I will use some of the fabrics that I have and will buy more as I need them. I also want to make one using the Civil War reproduction fabrics like Jane's quilt. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew, I don't know, but I am sure going to do my best to stay up to date with the blocks every week. I will post on my progress on my Dear Jane quilt. :-)


breana said...

You have a beuatiful site its very beuatiful you are a great mom you are very creative im so glad i have you as a mom what i like about your website is that thing you put the pourslen baby on and the quilt and the dolls doll in front of it i think its really cute.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

So, I'm just a bit late for the UBP -- hope you saved me some treats.

I love those quilt designs, so gorgeous. The geometric symmetry and patterns of many quilts really appeals to me, and if I could sew, I think designing them would be really satisfying. Maybe someday I'll develop enough patience!

Wendy said...

Wendy from Quilting Friends...I see you have made the leap for Dear Jane...I am going to get fabric today to get started. I am excited!! Hope to finish my first blocks this weekend!! Best of luck!! Wendy

Myrna said...

Hi, I am happy that you are leaping into a Jane quilt. I would love to do one and I think doing it with others is a great idea. My problem is I am trying to get 10 quilts done for my grandchildren so that is my priority for now. I am looking forward to seeing your Jane blocks.
...Myrna, Quilting Friends

Kasasha said...

Hi from swap-bot. I really like your blog very much. I wish I knew how to make such beautiful quilts.