Friday, October 31, 2008

Fabulous Find Friday

I am starting something new and it's called "Fabulous Find Friday". One day a few weeks ago the idea and title just popped into my head. I will do my best to post something every week. If I don't please forgive me, my life has gotten a bit busier then it has been. I am sure you are wondering what exactly is "Fabulous Find Friday", well, I will tell you. Every Friday or close to it, I will post a picture of an item I have found that I thought was "Fabulous" whether it be old or new. For the first post I wanted to show you a cute little kitten I found at a second hand store for 10 cents. She has green jewel eyes and is made in Japan. When I found this little kitten her ear was not broken. Unfortunately it broke on my way to the counter to pay for it. Oh well, for 10 cents you can't beat it. LOL! I figure I can hide the broken ear with a flower or something. What I have in mind to do with the kitten is make a pin cushion. When I get around to making it I will post a picture.

Friday, October 3, 2008

More Swaps!

***Update Oct 25th***
Looks like there may be some room in the Club Little house group. Go here and read Fridays post for Amy's contact info if you want to join.
I have joined two swaps. I just can't help myself! LOL! I enjoyed participating in Doll Quilt Swap 4 so much that I signed up for round 5 today. The swap has increased from 90 to 150 people. Once 150 people sign up the swap will be closed. There is still room so if you want to join in hop on over here and sign up.

I have also joined Club Little House. I am so thrilled! You have no idea how thrilled!!! I have been wanting to get in on this one for a while now. It is hosted by the oh so talented Amy at Inspire Co. Sign up for the CLH swap is now closed.

Check back to see sneak peaks of what I am making for these swaps. :-)