Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pay It Forward, Surprises! & Dollhouses

I checked the mail today and guess what I found? A Pay It Forward surprise package from my friend Anna over at Sew Good Sew Far! She sent me this wonderful little pin cushion and made with fabric from one of my favorite fabric designers too, Amy Butler. Thank you so much Anna! It is greatly appreciated and much needed. :-)

I joined Pay It Forward at Anna's blog a couple of months ago but nobody chimed in on my post. So, I will offer it again now. The first 3 people who leave a comment and state "Pay It Forward" will receive a small gift from me to be sent some time in the next couple of months. In turn you continue the Pay It Forward goodness by giving a gift of kindness to someone else, they in turn give to someone else and the gift goes on. You can copy the picture above and add it to your post about Pay It Forward on your blog, if you don't have a blog find someone who would like to carry PIF on. Again, Please state that you want to "Pay It Forward" or "PIF" in your comment so I can tell the difference between those who are just commenting and those who would like to join Pay It Forward and give a gift to someone else. Please don't forget to leave a link to your blog or website or an e-mail if you do not have a site so I can get in contact with you.

Today was a double surprise of lovelies. I also got my first baby doll and dolly for my dollhouse. As some of you may know I am starting a dollhouse in a 1:12 scale to have in my sewing room. I really enjoy the little world of miniatures and dolls. I did not have a dollhouse when I was a little girl, so I will have one now. :-) I don't have a dollhouse yet but that's o.k. I will set it up on a shelf for now. I bought this little cutie from artist Beckie Holiday. She makes these beautiful dolls and their clothes. My purchase was of a 2" porcelain baby doll with jointed hands and legs, and a 1" porcelain frozen Charlotte. These are the most beautiful little baby dolls I have seen. They have such delicate features. I am so happy with my purchase that I plan to buy more from her. If you have a dollhouse or collect dolls you have to see her dolls here. Check back often she is always listing new dolls.

Since we are on the topic of dollhouses, does anyone know of any nice dollhouse swaps? I want so badly to join Club Little House but Amy over at Inspire Co. is not organizing a swap right now. If you hear of any please let me know. :-)

Oh, yes! I forgot to tell you about Turkey Feathers. It is a wonderful blog and She makes little bakery items for dollhouses. So guess what! I plan on buying some. :-) You can check out her etsy shop here. She also has the cutest little dollhouse bakery that you should check out here. Grace is the little baker. O.K. I think I remembered to tell you everything. Talk to you all later. :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sampler Quilt

I am finally making a sampler quilt! I have been quilting for 8 years and have never made a sampler so I figured it was about time. Lori our guild president is teaching a sampler quilt class at our common threads meeting for anyone who wants to make one. Needless to say I did not think twice about joining. In the photo above are the fabrics I am going to use. Yes, it is going to be a bright one. :-) Since it is winter and a little drab outside I wanted to do something cheery. I don't know if I will use all the fabrics pictured, but I want to have lots of options. I even have a couple that did not make the picture that I might use. The directions were to pick a large print for the border and find at least 4 fabrics with the colors in the border. More is better to give a quilt more interest. Well, as you can see I have more. LOL! We had our first class the end of January but not all my fabrics had came in by then. Now I have all my fabrics so I need to get cracking. Our 2nd class is this Thursday and I am supposed to have one block done and 2 back grounds cut out for 2 other blocks. The quilt will be approx. 50" x 50" when it is finished and have nine, 12" blocks. I will be posting my progress on the sampler quilt as I go.
Happy quilting everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Am A ONE World - ONE Heart Winner!

I am a bit late posting about this but I am so excited to say that I was a OWOH winner 4 times over. I was a winner at:

The Vintage Dragonfly - I won a pack of vintage ephemera from Danielle
One Vintage Housewife - I won a pair of baby booties that Jolene made
Fated Follies Studio - I won My Big Ideas embellishments from Jenny
Creative Life And Times - Not sure yet what I won, it is either sewing/art supplies or 2 home made cards from Molly. It will be a surprise! :-)

Thank you ladies I am so excited and can't wait to get my prizes. I will post a picture of all my prizes when I get them. If you have some time take a look at these wonderful blogs. If you missed the whole OWOH thing and don't know what I am talking about visit here. :-)

I plan on doing some prize giveaways in the near future so check back so you don't miss out!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Swap Creations

The first photo is of a heart that I made for a valentine heart stuffie swap. This little heart went to my swap partner in Toronto Canada. The second photo is a pin that I made for a sewing notions pin swap. The pin went to my swap partner in Malaysia. The pin is made up of antique buttons, ribbon flower with rhinestone, pink silk bow, hat pin, 3 little thread spools (I made), little needle book with tiny needles inside, brass hand charm and embroidery scissor charm with a beaded chain I added to it. I really enjoyed making this little pin.

Monday, February 18, 2008

ActNow B.C. Walk Challenge Weeks 11, 12 & 13

Here are the stats for Team T.A.L.C. (4 members) Weeks 11, 12 & 13 Jan. 27 - Feb. 16
NOTE: Steps are not total steps in a day but actual exercise steps.

Week 11
Total Team Steps: 115,214
Total Team KM: 89
Tanya: 64,981 Most steps! Great Job!
Anita: 35,320
Lisa (me): 7,740
Clair: 7,173

Week 12
Total Team Steps: 86,970
Total Team KM: 67
Tanya: 42,705 Most steps! Great Job!
Anita: 25,503
Lisa (me): 9,297
Clair: 9,465

Week 13
Total Team Steps: 110,571
Total Team KM: 85
Tanya: 62,959 Most steps! 4th time in a row! Great Job!
Anita: 30,335
Lisa (me): 7,549
Clair: 9,728

Some of you may have noticed that our team steps have increased by a huge amount. The reason is because some of our members have been skiing and snow shoeing. I have been really wanting to try down hill skiing but because I have a bad knee I have avoided it. I am considering wearing a knee brace and trying it out, possibly tonight. We have night skiing here and Mondays are not to crowded, so if I'm going to make a fool of myself I would rather not have a big audience. LOL! Will let you know if I try it out.

Happy walking everyone! :-)

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! OWOH Winner!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

And the winner of my 2008 OWOH giveaway is:

Melissa from
Melissa has won a beautiful tooth fairy pillow from
Lisa Michelle Design.
I did the draw the old fashion way. That's right, I printed and cut all 214 entries while my children had great fun folding them. I had to do a coin toss to figure out who was going to do the honors of drawing the winning name. My son won the coin toss and picked a name and my daughter read the winning entry post. :-) Thank you to all who entered my giveaway. This was so much fun and I look forward to doing it again next year. :-)



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ActNow B.C. Walk Challenge Weeks 9 & 10

Here are the stats for Team T.A.L.C. (4 members) Weeks 9 & 10 Jan 13 - Jan. 26
NOTE: Steps are not total steps in a day but actual exercise steps.

Week 9
Total Team Steps: 56,917
Total Team KM: 41

Tanya: 14,140
Anita: 34,390 Most steps! Great Job!
Lisa (me): 5,345
Clair: 3,042

Week 10
Total Team Steps: 37,233
Total Team KM: 26

Tanya: 13,981 Most steps! Great Job!
Anita: 10,098
Lisa (me): 6,901
Clair: 6,253

Happy walking everyone! :-)

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Friday, February 1, 2008

One World One Heart Give Away

Welcome to the ONE World-ONE Heart 2nd annual give away event hosted by Lisa Oceandreamer from Heart of the Nest and Imagination Cafe. The idea behind this is to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way.
What am I giving away?
One beautiful Tooth Fairy Pillow or pillow you can use to hold a keepsake or just hang for decoration. The pillow has a little silver frame in which you can personalize it with a picture or an initial. I have Tooth Fairy Pillows for purchase in my store
NOTE: If you are from a country that does not allow feathers please still enter and let me know when you comment. If you are the winner I will send you a different nice handmade gift from me.
What to do:
To enter my giveaway leave a comment and where you are from on this post. I Love to see where everyone that comes to my blog is from. Having a blog is not a requirement to enter my draw, anyone is welcome. If you do not have a blog please don't forget to give me your e-mail addy or check back on February 14th to see if you have won. The drawing will be held on February 14th Valentines Day! Last chance to enter will be February 13th. Good luck!
For a list of more blogs with giveaways go here.

Go here for a chance to win a BEAUTIFUL easter basket.
You won't want to pass this one by!

Also check here for a chance to win this book. Two copies will be given away February 4th.