Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Triptych Quilt

"Three little owls sitting in a tree..."

This is the triptych quilt I made for a mini quilt swap. This is my original design. The quilts went to Amy at Eye Luv Quilt. I was making an extra set for myself while I was making this one then put it aside to finish Amy's. All I have to do to mine is quilt it then I will post a picture. :0) Amy has not gotten it yet so I hope she does not see this post. She should be getting it any day now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Park City Girl Is Having A Giveaway

Park City Girl is having a giveaway for her 1 year blogiversary! Isn't this a beautiful bag? Stop by her blog to enter.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just A Little, Puppy, Swapping, Crafty & Quilting Chatter

O.K. I know it's been a while since I have posted. Sorry :-( I have a little catching up to do on some things I was wanting to post about a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiile back.

First: A little puppy, that's not so little anymore. We adopted a black lab cross puppy on January 17th. He was born November 11, 2008. He was one of 6 puppies born under a trailer. The mother and the puppies were rescued by a local animal shelter that fosters animals out until they are adopted. He is a wonderful puppy and smart. At 2 months when we got him he was already almost to heavy for my children to pick up. Now, you can forget it. LOL! I would say at 4 months old he has doubled in size. The picture shown was taken the day we got him, I need to take some new pictures.

Second: I want to show you a wonderful little felt Matryoshka doll that I got from Suzie. She did such a nice job. Unfortunately I did not think to take any pictures of the ones I sent my swap partner. Oh well!

Third: A dollhouse Valentine quilt wall hanging that holds mini Valentine cards. The wall hanging is about 2" x 3" and is the smallest quilt I have ever made. I made it for Susan who made the little puppets for Club Little House that I posted about in January. I also sent a little Valentine picture to hang on the wall. Susan sent me a very cute little pink beaded heart wreath and tiny bear made with pink pipe cleaners. How creative is she! Sorry no picture yet, I can't seem to get a good one. When I do I will add it to this post. We are in the middle of doing an Easter doll house swap right now. I will show you pictures of those when I get them. :-)

Fourth: I am participating in two quilt swaps right now, Doll Quilt Swap 6 and Quilt In A Bag on Flickr. I will be showing you some sneak peaks of the doll quilt I will be making. I have not started it yet because I am trying to finish the one for the Quilt In A Bag Swap. I am really enjoying the Quilt In A Bag Swap. My swap partner sent me a set of 5" charms and I sent her a set of 5" charms. I am supposed to use all the charms in the quilt and provide any other fabrics needed to complete the quilt then send back a finished quilt that is no bigger than 24". This is my first time doing a swap like this and I am really enjoying it. It is meant to challenge you by working with fabrics that someone else as sent you. I will post some sneak peaks of it soon so check back.

Fifth but certainly not least. Look at the great quilts that Amy made for me for a triptych swap. I am still shocked! She did such a wonderful job. I will show you the quilts I sent her this weekend. I don't want to post them before she gets them or it may not be a surprise. She also included a bag (that she made) with sweets and a great little quilting gadget. :-)