Monday, November 26, 2007

ActNow BC Activity Challenge

Our community has joined the ActNow BC Activity Challenge. There is an individual and group category. I though it would be fun to be in a group and asked my friend Anita if she wanted to join me and she said yes. We asked a couple of our other friends and formed Team T.A.L.C consisting of five friends, Tanya, Anita, Lisa (Me the leader), Lori and Clair. We have completed our first week and are off to the races on our second week. All the team names and progress will be put in the paper once a month. I will keep you posted on how we rank every month against other teams and how we did for the week. The challenge goes to April 2008. I am waiting for one more member to give me her steps then I will post our team averages in steps and KM for this past week. What I am hoping to get out of this challenge is to shed some extra lbs. and become a healthier person. Wining would be good too! Really good! LOL. Wish me luck! :-)

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lunachick said...

Hey Lisa,
Great idea! Good for you! It will be exciting to see how your team does. It is always easier to stick with fitness goals if you have a friend (or three) along for the ride! I think it is awesome that British Columbia is sponsoring this and that it is an ongoing challenge. Thanks for sharing!