Friday, December 19, 2008

My Club Little House Contribution

Here is my CLH contribution, a little bench upholstered in bright pink velvet fabric. These were more of a challenge then I expected. My idea for attaching the legs did not work. Actually it was rather comical. LOL! I had the idea of wood gluing them on then shooting a staple through the top before I upholstered it, to insure the legs did not come off. That did not work! When I went to shoot the staple in, all four legs shot off like rockets, flying every which way clear across the shop. It was so funny! Well, it was funny after being stunned and little upset for the first few seconds after it happened. LOL! You have to understand, instead of trying one out to see if it worked I decided to glue all 56 legs on the wood bases (I can just kick myself for doing that) then put a board on top of each one and clamp them down with wood clamps and let them dry over night to make sure the wood glue was on good. This took about 2 days, since I only had so much time in a day to work on them. I never dreamed the staple gun idea would not work. You have to now that the staple gun I used is not one of those hand held manual ones but one that is connected to a big compressor that is in another room. It's powerful! LOL! Since I did not learn my lessen the first time and tried it over and over again, some legs were lost in the fiasco and I was not able to make one for myself. I ordered enough legs (from the UK) to make 13 benches, 12 to send off and one for myself. I will have to order more legs so I can have one too. I guess it's obvious I am not the upholster in the family, my husband is. LOL! I suppose you are wondering what on earth I used to hold the legs on. I used a hot glue gun. LOL! I don't know what I would have done with out it. Surprisingly enough it worked better then I expected. I don't have a "Fabulous Find" for today. Sorry. :-( I will be sure to have one in January when I get back from the holidays. It has warmed up around here, finally, and is snowing right now. We have had freezing temperatures of -17 degrees Celsius, 0 degrees Fahrenheit. To cold for me! Stay warm and see you on Monday for my last post before Christmas.

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