Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alyssa's Pinwheels Quilt

This is a Stack-n-Whack quilt I made for my little girl this year. Well, I should say I started it last year and finished it this year. LOL. The the pinwheels were made from one fabric with rows, each pinwheel is different. The background fabrics were given to me as a birthday gift from Mary Lou Weidman. Thanks Mary Lou! The quilt sashing was machine quilted by my good friend Jerry Vliet and I hand quilted the pinwheels and lettering. I attached little yoyo's with buttons to the center of the A's in her name. My little girl just loves her quilt and that makes mommy very happy :-). She always makes sure she tells everyone "That's my quilt" or "That's Alyssa's quilt". LOL! To my family, Does anyone recognize the night gown she has on? Yes, that was mine when I was little. It always makes me smile when I see her in it. :-) Can you tell it's from the 70's LOL!

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Quirky Parsnip said...

I love names pieced into or appliqued onto quilts! this one looks great.